4 Best WordPress Page Builders Compared

Hardly ever one can imagine a business that operates without a website nowadays. Certainly, making an eye-catching design that will boost the web audience and promote the brand online demands a huge amount of time and money. However, today there is a lot of software with the help of which even those users who aren’t well-versed in web design or web development are able to build a whatever site they want. There is a wide range of website builders on the market now, most of them have got similar features, but users can come across some real unique products, which are truly the best page builders. We’ve given a look to different drag and drop page builders and considered their advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, we’ve chosen 4 page builder plugins, which are, to our mind, the best ones.

Why Use a Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress?

One may agree that it’s not a pleasant thing to dig deep into HTML, PHP, CSS or Javascript to make a plain site. With the helpful hand of drag and drop page builders one can build a complex website with stunning design without bothering about its workability and look. The common characteristic of most wordpress page builder plugins are drag-and-drop mechanism and front end visual editor, which turn the tedious process of adding and formatting blocks into a sort of fun. Many of them comes along with a number of predefined blocks that has responsive and mobile-friendly design and can be customized in case it’s necessary. Intuitive and understandable interface doesn’t take much time to figure out how to deal with it. And what is more important, some products provide users with an opportunity to create WP themes by themselves.

To let you see everything with your own eyes we’ve made a review of pros and cons of best page builder plugins. Check it out!

PageBuilder by Site Origin

Price: free

Site Origin is a website builder that supports drag-and-drop functionality and has got a standard page editor that allows to utilize various WordPress widgets. All the layouts’ elements are customizable and can be modified according to personal needs. With this wordpress page builder it’s possible to build sites with responsive design and use them with third-party themes. Site Origin is a free page builder plugin which can be applied for any projects.

– the plugin is free of charge
– it’s friendly to other themes
– it has flexible and grid-based design that is adapted to mobile devices
– the plugin has drag-and-drop feature
– it lets users apply different WP widgets
– history tab allows to observe the changes made and fulfill undo/redo actions
– a set of free themes to choose from

– users can’t make changes with the layout and simultaneously watch them
– to add new elements to the page a user first has to add a row and only then – blocks or widgets
– no import layouts feature

Beaver Builder

Price: $99

Beaver builder is both a drag and drop page builder and theme creator that is a very convenient for beginners due to its comprehensible documentation and clear interface. This WYSIWYG website builder comes along with drag and drop interface and live editing feature that make it possible to create and update sites without applying to coding or designing. Beaver builder has got a package of ready-made page modules which are vital for presenting information on any website and a plenty of content blocks to create complex sites. It can be used with other WP themes and has got a set of tools for creating new ones.

– easy-to-use interface
– drag-and-drop page composer and real time visual editor
– the constructor utilizes shortcodes but can leave them behind
– can be integrated with other themes and used for creating new WP themes
– a set of blocks and content elements
– the plugin allows to export/import page layouts
– extensive documentation and lots of tutorials

– it is more appropriate for professionals who work on clients projects
– this page editor is rather pricey
– the plugin provides support only for one year
– to add the content it’s needed first to insert rows and only after that personal content

Themify Builder

Price: $39

As the above-mentioned page builder plugins Themify enables users to make whatever sites they want by dragging and dropping blocks and editing them with live visual editor and preview all the changes in real time. In addition to front end mode users can switch to back end editing mode and style all the options of blocks with ease. The plugin can be integrated with existing themes and can serve as a constructor for sites based on them.

– a few pre-developed page modules which can be added to any page or block
– truly WYSIWYG editing experience
– the plugin has got both front-end and back end editing modes
– a number of tutorials which facilitate the work with the website builder
– a number of ready-made layouts which can be added to the page with no difficulties
– compatibility with other WP themes

– separate WP plugins have to be installed for many page modules
– Themify builder isn’t cheap
– the plugin uses less types of page modules than other builders
– in fact live editing is not as it is supposed to be

Qoob website builder

Price: free

Qoob, a real drag & drop website builder, is a comfortable tool both for web developers and beginners as it lets users create a page using a built in set of blocks which covers all the key types of page modules. Its smart visual editor allows to format and update content of the blocks simultaneously amending and watching the changes made. Qoob is not only the easiest one among other drag and drop page builders it’s also an advanced theme creator. It has got a plethora of tools required for creating themes and editing them. So it can be applied both by theme developers and site creators.

– the plugin can be purchased totally for free
– easy-to-use drag and drop interface
– real time front end editing mode
– users can make and save page layouts in the form of templates for future needs
– media center with tons of images, videos and icons that really saves time on searching for media content
– libraries’ manager that allows to create, update and delete libraries
– controls panels with different modes that demonstrate how the site looks on various gadgets
– full customization and styling options for almost all the elements of blocks
– the plugin smoothly operates with other themes and can be used for developing new ones

– for now the plugin doesn’t allow to export or import page layouts, however this feature is in on the development stage
– a few options for builder’s skins will be added in the next version of the plugin
– for now it can be used only for creating WP and HTML sites


Qoob – 10/10- best page builder
Beaver builder – 8/10
Themify – 7/10
Site Origin – 7/10

Which website builder would we choose? Well, we would say this:

  • If you’re the owner of a web agency or studio and you don’t mind spending a lot of money on the software, Beaver builder will match you best, cause it’s really a powerful solution for professional web development
  • If you are used to both back-end and front-end editing modes and use a website builder with your existing themes, then it’s a good idea to give a try to Themify builder
  • If you don’t want to dwell on details and if you’re considering several easy-to-use page builder plugins then we advise you should go with Site Origin – easy drag and drop page builder
  • Finally, if you’re looking for something universal that will facilitate your life on possible, then you must enjoy Qoob. It’s truly the best one of website builders!

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