Integration Qoob with the a theme

A WP theme developer can integrate Qoob with any theme. If you create themes for selling you need to use Extended Commercial license. More details about the terms of the licence can be found here.

To get started you need to make these steps:

1. Include TGM Activation class into your theme, e.g. into the file function.php

2. Add the settings for TGM Activation class to the array $plugins

  'name' => esc_html__( 'Qoob - Realtime Frontend Page Builder', 'webark' ), 
  'slug' => 'qoob', 
  'required' => true, 
  'version' => '', // E.g. 1.0.0. If set, the active plugin must be this version or higher. If the plugin version is higher than the plugin version installed, the user will be notified to update the plugin.
  'force_activation' => false, 
  'force_deactivation' => false,
  'external_url' => '',
  'is_callable' => '',

3. Add the library of your theme to the list of libraries

/* Init qoob libs */
add_filter( 'qoob_libs', 'webark_add_theme_lib', 10, 2 );
if ( ! function_exists( 'webark_add_theme_lib' ) ) {
   * Adding webark lib in qoob libs
   * @param array $qoob_libs Array with url to qoob lib.
   function webark_add_theme_lib( $qoob_libs ) {
    array_push( $qoob_libs, get_template_directory() . '/blocks/lib.json' );
    return $qoob_libs;

That’s all for now. Then you’ll be able to install Qoob in the WordPress admin panel through TGM. Follow the link Page -> Add new and you’ll see the blue button Qoob in case you’ve done everything right.