HTML Page Builder Getting Started

Qoob server launching

To launch qoob page builder you have to go to the folder where you have downloaded it in and run the command npm start or npm start. After that you’ll see

Local Http Qoob Server Running at http://localhost:8000

If the server hasn’t started that means qoob page builder was installed incorrectly. You need to reinstall it using the instructions on installation

Creating and editing HTML pages

Once the qoob server is launched, go to the link http://localhost:8000/qoob

You’ll see the dashboard for managing web pages. You can use it for viewing, creating and deleting pages.

All the HTML pages are created at the root of the folder where html_qoob has been installed in.

All the created pages are static, to launch them you don’t need a server, you can open them simply in the browser and that is another advantage of qoob page builder.