The Interface

Controls-free preview area

Most page builders overload a page with borders, buttons and controls. Our team found a revolutionary solution to this problem. Meet the world’s first frontend editor without any controls in a preview zone.


Toolbar controls were adapted to touch-screen devices. They are simple and clear.

  1. All pages
  2. Extra settings
  3. Preview
  4. Toggle device mode
  5. Save every change

Work area – Maximum functionality

When you start working with qoob, you see a list of groups in work area. Choose a group to see which blocks are contained in it. For example, if you want to add a gallery, click on the “Gallery” group and you’ll see all available gallery blocks. We use thumbnails (previews) of blocks to get more convenient viewing experience. This is a very useful feature that allows you to make a page faster. It means you see what you add to your page.

The work area is also used for editing block content. Click on any block in the preview area and you will see block settings. By changing the settings you can change a block in the preview area automatically without reloading a page.