What is a page builder WordPress plugin?

Nowadays WordPress page builder plugins are not something new. There is a huge variety of page creators at WordPress directory both free and premium which facilitate eчhausting work connected with developing website design and architecture. WordPress drag and drop plugins and editors are intended both for professional web developers and totally non-programming users who know little or nothing about building websites. They normally have back-end or front-end functionality and intuitive user interface that makes building and formatting pages a piece of cake. Site builder plugins for WordPress are a godsend for those who are willing to build a website on their own but don’t have any time or resources for hiring a professional. They allow to customize a base layout through adding personal content and even develop new themes from scratch.

Introducing Qoob drag and drop site builder plugin

1. Easy to install

It’s much easier than you think to get started with Qoob WordPress page builder plugin. There are 3 possible ways to install the plugin: 1) using WordPress plugin search; 2) using WordPress plugin uploader; 3) manually using FTP. The first two ways are more convenient to find and download Qoob website builder WordPress plugin to your computer than the last one, however you can resort to the last mean in case of the restrictions of your hosting provider. Setup normally doesn’t take lots of time. Once it is finished, you can start creating the landing page of your amazing website immediately.

2. Build a website absolutely for free

Among the advantages of Qoob WordPress plugin builder there is a free demo version that lets you see what is under the hood and understand how really the plugin works. Just imagine you get rid of the necessity to employ an expensive developer or a designer, Qoob WordPress plugin page builder does all the dirty work for them. With Qoob plugin you get a set of powerful and easy-to-use tools absolutely for free and can utilize them for building an open source website. To get more opportunities with Qoob best WordPress page builder plugin you need to upgrade your license.

3. Responsive to different screen resolutions and sizes

We bet that you might feel embarrassed when experiencing different looks of the same website on various gadgets. With Qoob WordPress theme builder plugin you can breathe a sigh of relief and be confident that your project always display perfectly well on any screen resolutions and sizes. Based on powerful Bootstrap framework the design of your website works smoothly and flawlessly across all the existing devices on the market. Moreover, all the graphic elements are retina ready and they’re reproduced amazingly on the displays with high resolutions.

4. Clean and user-friendly UI

Always feel confused about ambiguous visual panels that are tied to every single element of the layout? So do we.. That’s why we’ve done our best to alleviate all your sufferings and developed easy-to-use and intuitive interface that prevents you from wasting time on dealing with non intuitive toolbars and funding proper buttons in order to manually add, edit or delete rows, separate design elements, insert images etc. Now with Qoob free page builder plugin for WordPress you can see that adding your content to the page and formatting it can be enjoyable.

5. Real time editing

Yes! We know that it’s your cherished dream to use a work area as a canvas and enjoy the btushsrtocks instantly after carrying out them. Qoob, best page builder plugin, makes your dreams come true. Whatever the edits you make in the work area they appear in the preview area without a delay. Qoob, free page builder plugin, really makes a fun from the time-consuming process of formatting the content. You can give your personal touch to everything: header, text, icon, background, image or video, a number of layout elements and never fulfill extra actions, for instance reloading a page or coming back to it.

6. Custom templates

We always work hard on improving one of the best free page builder plugins and constantly add some new features. Updated Qoob drag and drop plugin now allows you to create a set of your own personally tailored templates which will always be at your service. The point is that templates extremely facilitate creating new pages as they have a ready-made layout and a definite number of blocks that can be used for your future purposes. To save your template you just need to add your personal content and choose option “More” in the top toolbar and after that press the button “Save as a template”.

7. Libraries’ manager

There’s something new we have hidden inside Qoob – WordPress site builder plugin. Meet marvellous Libraries’ manager that will definitely get you excited. It’s really what sets Qoob website builder plugin for WordPress apart from other WordPress page builder plugins. Libs operate as a repository for the components of your content. Qoob best page builder plugin for WordPress lets you create a number of diversified libs with different content: images, texts, videos etc. You can do whatever you will with your libs: add, update, sort or delete. And what’s more all your libraries can be used for all your projects without an exception.

Try Qoob’s demo version now!

Examples of sites created with page builder plugin Qoob

KEO – 16 in 1 Complex Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Modern and professional looking WP template that will never make your site look dull or unattractive. Cute animation, a handful of lovely images and well-fitted typography make a piece of art from KEO’s overall design. KEO is adapted to any business need and offers a full range of demo templates.

Flareup – Multipurpose Flat Responsive WordPress Theme

Extremely bright and rich theme for WordPress that will make anyone be thrilled by your website! Created taking into account modern trends in web design, Flareup is a perfect solution for any project.

Pizza – Restaurant Cafe WordPress Theme

Pizza offers appetizing mouth-watering design that is thoroughly tailored for any kind of restaurant business. Delicious looking background pictures will never leave anyone indifferent!

Reflect – Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

This fabulous WordPress theme will definitely make your website a success. Thank to a bunch of amazing animation and on scroll effect Reflect’s design has got vibrant and brisk appearance.

Birva – Creative One Page WordPress Theme

Fresh. Neat. Clean – it’s all about Birva’s design. It’s flexibility and fluidness work for showcasing your projects in the most creative way. Birva’s design speaks for itself and is aiming at promoting your brand.

Spring – Creative One Page WordPress Theme

This incredible theme will invigorate any of your projects. Stylish, fashionable and well-developed design is aimed at set your projects apart from your rivals.

Qoob – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Well-organised and laconic WordPress blog theme that is suitable for established businesses and startups. Minimal but stylish design fits any kinds of projects and is packed with a number of features that are essential for creating your online presence. You’ll be surprised with how easy it is to create and format your website’s layout.

Happy Seniors – Senior & Medical Care WordPress Theme

It is what exactly any Senior or Elderly Care website must look like! It’s really a light and at the same time very powerful WP theme. It comes in a bundle with lots of pages: home page, blog, tutorials, FAQs, testimonials, coming soon etc. Besides there are special pages  which will add functionality to your website and let it stand out of the crowd.

We’re working very hard on improving Qoob page builder plugin and adding new features to its existing functionality. Thus, recently we’ve upgraded Qoob WordPress builder plugin’s core to meet our customers’ needs on speed and power of the builder’s work. Moreover, we’ve added two new distinct features to Qoob drag and drop WordPress plugin functionality – libraries and templates’ manager that extremely facilitates the process of building a website and makes it really a fun. With Qoob page builder plugin you’re able to compose any site just by moving the blocks.

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