How to create a page template

To create and save a new page template you need to follow these steps

1. Add blocks to your blank page. In order to add a block to your page, choose a category and then click on a block within it. The block will appear on the page instantly. Take the same steps to add other blocks.

2. Save a template. Once you have added all the blocks to the page, click on More -> Save as template. Then type in a title for your template in the title field and click on Save template.  As soon as you get a success message, refresh the page.

3. Use a saved template. As soon as the page has been refreshed, you will see the saved template on the page with templates. If you delete all the blocks using More -> Empty, you will also see the saved template.

To start using the template, simply click on it. If you want to delete the template, click on the cross mark in the top right corner on its preview.