How to import/export page data

To import/export a page’s data you need to follow these steps

1. Add blocks to your blank page

In order to add a block to your page, choose a category and then click on a block within it. The block will appear on the page instantly. Take the same steps to add other blocks. You can change a page’s layout by dragging blocks and dropping them in the right place.

2. Import/Export data

Once you have added all the blocks to the page, click on More -> Import/Export. Copy a page’s data from the dialog window. Then click on More -> Empty page.

Go to More -> Import/Export. Paste the page’s data in the appeared dialog window.

3. Save imported/exported data

Once the page’s data appear in the dialog window, click on Save. You can edit the page’s data right in the dialog window. To save changes, click on Save. To undo them click on Cancel.