How to create a free theme for WordPress?

You might be bursting with envy when you browse through the websites of your competitors and enjoy truly fascinating design, logic of bringing information, wonderful animations and fantastic effects. Of course you’ve at least once thought about creating something like that on your own, but you’ve always lacked time or money or whatever else. Now all your inner hesitations are left behind. With myriads of free WordPress theme builders you can create a theme for WordPress on a fly without recruiting a programmer or a designer. Drag and drop WordPress theme builders are to make your lives much  easier and speed up the workflow. This article presents Qoob – a drag and drop theme builder, created by Webark, for you and uncovers its main features.

Introducing Qoob – free WordPress theme builder

We’re sure that you’re looking forward to see what is really so special about Qoob, best free WordPress theme builder. So keep calm and continue reading.

Building Blocks

Every WordPress theme consists of a number of “bricks” called blocks which determine its structure and completeness. Qoob, the most powerful of free WordPress theme builders, offers a package of predefined modules for any WordPress theme (landing page, sliders, progress bars, testimonials, contact form, maps, etc.) which can be absolutely easily and without any stress added to a necessary place on your page. One can do it in two ways: using plugin’s native drag-and-drop functionality or manually by picking up a desirable block and putting it on the page.

Live Editor

The latest generation of drag and drop WordPress themes builders successfully function as real-time front-end theme makers and visual editors. Qoob is not an exception. It’s really a breeze to modify any theme with its live editing feature. All the experiments with design components (backgrounds, colors, shapes, sizes and kinds of icons, number of columns, texts, etc.) can be carried out with no difficulty at all and you can experience the changes instantly without getting back to the page or reloading it. It’s really worth giving a try!

Responsive design

Any page of the theme created by premium Qoob plugin looks as, for lack of a better word, a piece of art on any gadget existing on the market. It automatically adjusts to any screen size and resolution and thus displays flawlessly no matter what device is used: tablet, laptop or even a smartphone. Qoob gives you a chance to forget about confusion and embarrassment when viewing the fruit of your labour in any environment.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface has always been the most important criterion for users when they choose a theme builder. Complicated products with non-intuitive toolbars aren’t even worth considering. If your goal is to create a theme for WordPress in no time you should opt for Qoob theme maker that offers completely clear and understandable user interface which will take you no time to deal with. All the interface elements are intuitive and comprehensible even for a child.

Live editing mobile version

This Qoob composer feature is really unparalleled and unique. In the framework of this page builder you can edit your website’s layout in any mode that can be chosen on the top toolbar: desktop, laptop or even a smartphone. We’re not joking – all the actions with blocks can be carried out in any mode: adding, formatting, reordering, deleting. To choose a preferable mode – you just need to go to a top toolbar and pick up any you want.

Creating a free WordPress theme for a corporate site

Qoob, website builder and theme composer, can be used for making new themes or customizing templates which are already embedded into Qoob. Moreover, Qoob can be easily integrated with other existing themes and extend their functionality.

To make a WordPress theme from scratch you need to download Qoob plugin from here, install and activate it. Now you’re ready to start making your first page. To get it done, you have to follow these steps.

Add blocks

  1. Go to all pages ->Add New and click on «qoob» box.
  2. Choose a definite group of blocks to see all the blocks variations.
    All the essential modules for your website can be found in the list of groups (our team page, testimonials, call-to-action, sliders, video blocks, contact us form, progress bars, FAQs, features page)
  3. Add a desirable block to a page just by clicking on it or dragging and dropping it. Remember that the first block can be added only with the help of a click. Each group includes various options of the same block for any taste and like. You can choose the one that matches your ideas best.

Once you’re done the block will appear in the preview area.

Add content

As soon as you make up your mind on the number and order of the blocks you can start filling them with your personal content.

  1. Click on the block you’re going to edit in the preview area.
    After clicking on the required block its settings will automatically appear in the work area.
  2. Change any layout component (style, background, header, text, image, icon etc.).
    Visual editor that is embedded in the work area allows you to change any design component. You can add a title to the block, type in some text, insert an image or a video file. To save your time on finding multimedia elements you can use a wonderful multimedia center built in Qoob.
    In some blocks (e.g. Features block) it’s possible to change the number of items, modify or change their background. Moreover, you’re able to turn on or off parallax effect that is present by default.
  3. There’s no need to reload the page, all the changes occur immediately in the work area.
    What is more exciting you can edit the layout of the page in different modes (please find them on the top toolbar), this way you’ll be able to check how your website will look on different gadgets.

Delete or move blocks

You can easily change the order of the blocks and build your unique layout through drag-and-drop mechanism.

  1. To remove a block from the preview area, choose it and click the “delete” button in the work area.
  2. To reorder blocks choose one and move it to another place using “move up/down” button.

Save templates

Qoob innovative template system lets you make your personal layout and use it whenever across your website.

  1. Arrange the blocks and add all the necessary content.
  2. Press the button “More” on the top toolbar and choose “Save as template”.
  3. Fill in the fields in the work area (choose a title, add an image) and press the button “Save template”.
  4. Get a success message and view the ready-made template.

You’re allowed to build an unlimited number of themes with the help of Qoob. In addition premium Qoob plugin can extend the list of custom fields to the blocks’ general settings: the checkbox, select, color picker etc. As soon as you’ve finished the template you can save it and utilize for future purposes. Undoubtedly, any of your themes will support new WP versions.

You can check the list of the WordPress themes created with Qoob composer below:

KEO – 16 in 1 Complex Multipurpose WordPress Theme – powerful multi-functional WP theme with neat stylish-looking design.

Qoob – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme – perfect WP blog theme for corporate websites of any kind with slick and professional-looking design.

Flareup – Multipurpose Flat Responsive WordPress Theme – bright and user-friendly theme for any kind of projects.

Pizza – Restaurant Cafe WordPress Theme – delicious WP template for restaurant business.

Reflect – Responsive One Page WordPress Theme – incredible template with gorgeous design effects.

Birva – Creative One Page WordPress Theme – modern and handy theme for WordPress.

Spring – Creative One Page WordPress Theme – responsive and fluid template with awesome design.

Happy Seniors – Senior & Medical Care WordPress Theme – a clean and lovely theme for medical-related websites.

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