It’s time for an upgrade! Today we’re introducing a new version of Qoob 3.0. New. Advanced. Best. It offers the features you already know and like, plus we’ve made something brand-new that will change the future of site building. See it for yourself!

We’re presenting a completely new way of creating and running websites – entirely from your smartphone! We’ve created a totally new design and updated qoob’s functionality, added new features and enhanced the code. Now it works even better and faster!

This post is devoted to revealing what’s new in version 3.0, so let’s have a quick look at it!

Be mobile

In today’s world everything has to be easy and fast. Keeping this in mind we’ve added a forward-looking feature to Qoob that allows you to start and run your website on the go right from your smartphone. You agree, that it’s awfully convenient to update your content at any time, from any place just holding a smartphone in your hand? Everything is possible just with a snap of fingers – formatting a website’s layout, adding blocks or new pages, inserting images and videos, and changing texts. We really worked hard to impress you and we hope we succeeded!

Stay user-friendly

Our motto is – “Even a child can make a great website from scratch!”. In the new version we created a new skin and made interface usability even better. We added swipes for smartphones, laptops and touch-screen devices. Also we improved editing on mobiles and made it easier than ever. And what’s more, now you can move back and forth between pages while editing them right in Qoob’s interface (no need to go to WordPress). With Qoob building a site resembles a game, you play with the layout and content using intuitive interface elements (frames, buttons, lists and fields). Everything is so pretty simple that leaves no room for a long learning curve!

Develop a theme

Qoob works well not only for users but for professional developers as well. If you dream about creating beautiful and powerful themes but didn’t know where to start, we’ll help you. With Qoob it’s pretty simple to make themes that will look like a masterpiece and bring home the bacon. With Qoob’s toolkit you can develop both WP themes and HTML templates. Moreover Qoob is easily and simply integrated into the third party themes and can extend their functionality.

The Output

In this post we tried to summarize the features we added to the new release of Qoob. We’ve worked hard on updating the product and did our best to simplify the work with it high on impossible. As you can see we’ve made both little changes and big ones, because we know “there’s always a room for improvement”. We’re not going to stop on what we’ve achieved! Lots of new features are coming!

Feel free to try a new version and give your feedback on it. We wish you exciting projects and light work with Qoob!

10 thoughts on “Meet Qoob 3.0 – New Age Intuitive Front-end Page Builder for WordPress

  1. Alex

    I just updated plugin. But it still dark designed. How can I add light color theme in Qoob, same as on screenshots?

    1. qoobadmin

      hi! To solve this you need to clean the cash in your browser. Cheers

  2. Max

    I added my custom library, but i can’t change libraries in qoob. Help me please

    1. qoobadmin

      Hi! What exactly are you trying to change in libraries? And how are you doing this?

  3. Alexey

    I have a problem. How can I import data from page that build with qoob? I just see attention message, but how can I import data?

    1. qoobadmin

      In order to export page data in Qoob you need to click on Import/Export. Json array with page data will appear in a modal dialog. Copy these data and save them in a convenient way. To import this page you need to create a new page, click on Import/Export, paste the data you need to import and click on Save.

  4. Alexey

    I see a Custom Fields, but how can I know they’re id? They’re ids was generated?
    On other server wil be new id. So how can export data? What field or meta do I need?

  5. Alexey

    Example for previews comment:
    input name=”meta[476][key]” id=”meta-476-key” type=”text” size=”20″ value=”qoob_data”

  6. Alexey

    qoobadmin, I want to automate import process. In visual composer to automate import I just need to know shortcodes. I can’t understand how can I do this in qoob?

    1. qoobadmin

      You can use built-in import/export tool in WordPress to get automatic import/export of data

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