Site builder plugins are very widespread nowadays among the community of web agencies, freelance web designers and developers. They’re really very helpful when it comes to carrying out customs’ projects and meeting the strictest requirements for design aesthetics and site workability of theirs. Although, the market of site builders is saturated nowadays, there’re not so many really powerful solutions which are value-to-money. Some of the site builders claim themselves to be page constructors, others establish themselves as theme makers. Nevertheless it’s pretty difficult to dig up something truly universal in all the aspects.

Website builder plugins are useful for:

  1. Web developers who are not design-savvy and looking for a product to leverage a website by improving the quality of its design and allows to modify its code base where necessary.
  2. Web designers who are eager to create a stunning design without applying to coding.
  3. Designers-developers who are talented both in design and programming parts.
  4. Web agencies which focus on creating custom websites to grow brands online.

Bearing in mind the needs of all the kinds of web professionals we’ve created a universal solution that is suitable for both creating websites for personal use and developing themes and templates for selling and can be utilized by anyone interested in web development. We’re talking about Qoob website builder plugin that can be downloaded totally for free from here.

Qoob page builder plugin has got a set of distinctive features which sets it apart from other products on the market and make it truly universal solution for all kinds of professionals:

  1. Drag-and-drop interface. It’s more than easy to build whatever page layout you want. All you need – just pick the block in the group in the work area, drag it and drop on the necessary place on the page. You don’t need to add rows first and only then other elements.
  2. Live editor. With Qoob you don’t need to go back and forward, you can observe all the changes you amend in the real time using frontend editing mode.
  3. Flexible design. Qoob includes a basic theme that lets your site look appropriate on different screen sizes and resolutions including Retina displays. The basic theme can be easily modified and adjusted to any personal needs.
  4. User-friendly interface. Qoob prevents users from long and tiresome learning curve. its interface is so clean and comprehensible that even a rookie can get how to deal with it in no time. All the interface elements are intuitive and meet all the requirements of user friendliness.
  5. Libraries manager. Not all the site builders have got built in libraries which, in fact, are designed for storing different components of the blocks (images, videos, icons etc.). All the blocks’ components are put together according to the particular topic. Libraries can be a great helper in case users need to create a concrete theme. With libraries’ manager it’s possible to add, update, sort or delete libraries.
  6. Creating and saving templates. Any website can be built in mere minutes thank to Qoob’s “creating and saving templates” feature. Once you make up your mind about the page layout you can save it in the form of a template and afterwards apply it to other parts of your site. Templates are really a great time-saver when it comes to meeting time deadlines in clients’ projects.
  7. Multimedia center. We keep doing our best and work hard on how to make your life much easier. Multimedia center is a new feature we’ve added to Qoob. It is a huge storage of various media elements: images, videos, icons… as they say there’s a lid for any pot. In case you need to add any media element to your page you can search for it in multimedia center and you’ll always find it easily.
  8. Developing themes. Qoob provides web developers with the toolkit to create custom WP and HTML themes. Qoob can be added to third-party themes and extend their functionality: in particular users can add multiple custom fields the blocks’ general settings: the checkbox, select, color picker etc.

We’ve created a number of WP and HTML themes with awesome design. Enjoy them now.

Qoob – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme – absolutely FREE, smart and minimal WordPress template with plain and totally flexible design that is suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Birva – Creative One Page WordPress Theme – brisk and eye-catching WP template thoroughly designed using the latest trends in web design and web development.

Reflect – Responsive One Page WordPress Theme – flexible WP template that is suitable for one page websites. Amazing illustrations and parallax effect make it a universal solution for any kind of projects.

Spring – Creative One Page WordPress Theme – bright and clean WP template with flexible design that looks great on all the gadgets. Spring template will definitely rock any project.

Qoob is a top-notch tool for creating multipurpose templates. Check out some of the examples of multipurpose WP themes created with Qoob:

Flareup – Multipurpose Flat Responsive WordPress Theme – a number of beautiful colourful templates in one package that are appropriate for absolutely different kinds of sites.

KEO – Complex Multipurpose WordPress Theme – actually the most universal solution ever that matches absolutely all the types of projects. KEO is an innovative product that has been recently developed by our team.

Happy Seniors – Senior & Medical Care WordPress Theme – a very light and feature-rich WP theme that is suitable for any medicine-related sites, nursing and retirement homes in particular.

Besides WP templates Qoob can help you to create HTML themes like these ones:

eCom – Material Design Multipurpose eCommerce HTML Template – powerful HTML template with smart material design and easy-to-use interface that is a real discovery for any e-shop.

Happy Seniors – Senior Care HTML Template – a handy and user-friendly HTML template with a plethora of customization options that was specially created for medical and Senior Care websites.

KEO – Complex Multipurpose HTML Template – a multi-concept HTML template with one-page structure for different kinds websites. Responsive and plain design works well for corporate websites, web agencies, startups and freelancers.

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