We do our best to satisfy your needs, that’s why we represent Qoob Page Builder that is now available for WordPress platform. To make your building process more comfortable use Qoob with adorable CMS: they simply have been created to work together. Go ahead and download free page builder plugin WordPress. What is more – WordPress Page Builder as Qoob support is available as well. Enjoy the functionality.

Drag & Drop builder

Qoob Drag and drop page builder uses live intuitive drag and drop system that allows to build, to edit and to do proper settings in layout of websites. Just drag the required block from work area and drop it to the necessary space of the page. Right when you start moving the block, the space of available block adding will be marked automatically. Drag & drop builder applies with several main blocks that can be implemented almost for any kind of design. Top it off, pre-defined block editing is as flexible as you may imagine. Simply click on each block on the page to make changes. Besides, page builder for WordPress is so useful that you don’t have to worry about code: it is generated by itself with no line to write in velocitypage.

Simple content creation interface

Builder themes interface is simple in use and you don’t have to educate yourself with video lessons or whatever. Thanks to our magnificent developers interface is time-efficient and understandable in navigation. Various widgets will uplift your working process. That’s why working with Qoob is a real pleasure.

The plugin interface consists of three parts: toolbar, works area and preview area.


Upfront toolbar is user-friendly and adaptive to all touchscreen devices. You may observe how your page looks like for mobiles. In preview area you may find page blocks ready to edit in real-time mode. In order to edit a block content, you should click on it in the preview area. Therefore, settings will be displayed in the work area. Thus, all changes you proceed with the block are shown automatically in the preview area without refreshing a page.

Install qoob plugin

Easy to install! Find Qoob plugin by using the plugin search page inside your site on WordPress base. Go to admin area and click on Plugins -> Add New. “Search Plugin” input box gives a line to type the necessary word in, like “qoob”, then press the Enter button. Search results list will appear immediately, find qoob plugin there and click on the button to install.


Qoob plugin downloading and installation is processed automatically from the WordPress directory. The last thing you have to do is watch for success message and click on “Activate” link.

Getting started with Qoob for WordPress

When installing and activating process is over start with creating the first page of yours:

  • Go to All pages->Add New
  • Click on “qoob” button
  • Get pleasure with creating your page

Import/Export Page

You may simply and easily save and restore any page you created by plugin – do that with native import and active tools for WordPress. No extra plugins or add-ons are needed. Just enjoy the process.

History and Revisions

When page in WordPress gets some changes – the history will show you all the details. And a few main words should be said about pages created by Qoob Page Editor for WordPress. All related information will be marked in the history as well. Again, you need no additional plugins. Let Qoob do that instead of you and enjoy your page creating. History will help you to go back to the previous sample. Perfect job, isn’t it?

Download Page Builder

We represent one more theme generator on WordPress base – Download Page Builder. Multiple tools and features are offered for your page creating process for FREE. Go ahead and download a magic theme.

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