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Nowadays it might seem really strange to imagine making a site getting deep in HTML and CSS. There’s a lot of free WordPress websites that give a chance to WordPress users to tailor and customize the personal layout without experiencing any difficulties. Every WordPress site builder has got its pros and cons. The creators of website builders normally present their products in their best light and almost never mention their drawbacks. However, most of them have got not only strong points, but are marred by some weaknesses. Among the most common shortcomings of WordPress site builders are: inability to be used with an existing content and other themes; high price; limited functionality; absence of front-end page editor; a small number of blocks included; obsolete design; non-intuitive interface; shortcodes added to a page and many more. Qoob drag-and-drop builder is created taking into account all the downsides of other site builders.
This amazing wysiwyg plugin allows to build a totally new site from scratch just by moving ready-made blocks and modify them with ease with a helpful hand of real-time visual editor. Moreover blocks’ design is fully flexible and behaves flawlessly on desktops, laptops, smartphones and etc. Understandable and user-friendly interface is always at your service and enhances the work with the site.

Easy-to-use website builder

Qoob – WordPress website builder and editor is almost the best intuitive and easy-to-use tool for building and editing sites which can work with any CMS. Unlike other websites builders it has got tons of useful features. You can see which benefits Qoob – the best among all drag-and-drop editors – offers you with your own eyes.

Features Standard builder Qoob
Usage Cannot be utilized with the existing content or other themes Works brilliantly with any WP theme and any custom content
Pricing Inflated prices that almost always do not coincide with the benefits offered A free demo version that lets you check the filling of the plugin. In case you need to get more possibilities, it’s advisable to upgrade the licence.
Design Outdated, dull, unattractive – all these epithets are about the design of the majority of standard websites builders for WordPress. In addition, they are not responsive and work incorrectly Its design is awesome, made according to all the cutting edge trends of flexibility. It takes into account the peculiarities of different devices and is completely fluid.
Blocks Some of the existing website builders easy to use don’t include all the necessary blocks and make you develop the rest of the blocks on your own All the modules required for a website can be found inside Qoob – WordPress websites builder: landing page, sliders, video and audio blocks, testimonials, maps, etc.
Visual editor The new generation of wysiwyg editors certainly have got well-developed visual editors, however the way they perform leaves a lot to be desired Truly the smartest real-time front-end editor which allows to change the content of the page without refreshing or turning back to it
Non-intuitive interface A plethora of website builders has got a very complicated interface with confused admin panels which take a lot of time to deal with Qoob’s interface is so simple that even an untrained brain can manage it. Toolbar elements are clear and easy to work with. No time is necessary to understand them.

Let’s consider what makes Qoob stand out of the crowd of website builders easy to use.

Building blocks

Making a page really reminds a game: you drag blocks, drop them on the necessary place, change their order, in short, entertain. Once you’re done your first landing page appears on the screen in all its glory and is ready for usage. Unlike the rest of website builder Qoob is really your timesaver.

Live editing

Qoob facilitates the whole work on making pages’ layout on impossible. In comparison to other drag-and-drop editors it shows all the changes that have been made instantly without any delays. Once you have modified something in the work area it immediately appears in the preview.

Mobile editing version

Really not all the website builders have got such a feature. Just imagine that you can pick up a mode in the top toolbar and continue amending changes in any mode you want be it a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone. Yeah, we know that it’s pretty cool!

A set of templates

We always work very hard on improving the features of Qoob – one of the websites builders. Recently we’ve increased their number by adding a templates manager. Now it’s possible to create any layout using drag-and-drop user interface, save it and use for future purposes.


It’s also something new in Qoob WordPress websites builder – a system of amazing libs. All the actions with blocks can be carried out: adding, sorting, updating or deleting them. All the tailored libs can work across your old and new websites, without a necessity of copying them.

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Examples of sites created with Qoob

Qoob is very popular amongst other WordPress website builders. You can check real sites created by this WordPress websites builder.

KEO – 16 in 1 Complex Multipurpose WordPress Theme

KEO is a breakthrough in the world of multipurpose WP themes. It makes sites look gourgeous, professional and trustworthy. It has everything you need to hook your web audience and fosters the efficiency of your business. Buying KEO you get everything for reasonable price: up-to-date design, powerful toolkit, a package of ready-made demos.

Flareup – Multipurpose Flat Responsive WordPress Theme

The key feature of this template is its flatness and universality. Flareup cartoon design adds ease, lightness and freedom to all the websites even the most serious ones.

Pizza – Restaurant Cafe WordPress Theme

A mouth is watering when you look at this savory template. Fascinating food pics which are combined with appetizing menu force anybody to make their choice and try the delicious cuisine.

Birva – Creative One Page WordPress Theme

Natural, alive, fresh – it’s all about Birva’s design. Sites created with Birva stick out so much. The newest technologies in web development play into the hands of any site built on Birva.

Spring – Creative One Page WordPress Theme

Spring makes websites bloom and flourish. Even its name speaks for this marvellous theme. Animated graphic elements and parallax effect make your site a piece of art.

Reflect – Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

Reflect is a bright modern geometric template that makes any site a perfection. It is so simple and uncluttered that can serve literally for any business purpose or project.

Qoob – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Qoob theme is a great example of a blog theme or landing page for corporate businesses and freelancers, who care about their image and reputation. It has got everything you need for a professional look of your next project. With amazing drag’and’drop builder and front-end editor inside it’s more than easy to create the layout of your site.

Happy Seniors – Senior & Medical Care WordPress Theme

Happy Seniors is a cute, neat and functional website specially created for health and medical care websites. It has got all necessary for this kind of websites: blocks, website sections, pages and many more!

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