Still in quest for start-up theme but you see no use of that number existing ones on the market? Besides: frightened by the lack of knowledge in coding and design theme and no money to hire out a professional team causes a mess in your head?

Here you are! One of the quickest and simplest way to resolve this issue is WordPress theme generator qoob. This free template builder will help you to get through all difficulties of design themes. Click here to download

Frontend Theme Generator

Web design generator based on frontend of WordPress gives an opportunity for everyone to build stylish and professional-looking website within user friendly interface. This is a perfect assistant for all developers to create pages quickly and a great helping hand to those beginners who can not design pages by themselves.

Preview area

Go ahead and meet the first design templates in the world without any control component in preview area. We did our best in order to simplify this process and removed buttons, fields and control components from the preview area.

Work area

Work area contains blocks that help to create a page more easily. You can edit the whole content in a block as well. To see how to work with the block settings in the work area you should click on any block you have in the preview area. All changes in settings would cause block changes immediately, no need to refresh the page: you will see it in the preview area.



Toolbar controls are simple, easy-to-use and more than optimizing to touchscreen devices.

Live Editing

Template builder uses a unique technology of live editing. You are able to edit your page on frontend page and see the results simultaneously without leaving the page.


Themify Template Builder is effective drag and drop page builder. You are able to have your website content styled both at the frontend and at the backend with it.

Drag & Drop

Qoob Drag and drop builder allows to create, to edit and to set the website pages layout without coding but with intuitive drag and drop system. Choose the block from work area and start dragging it to preview area, then drop it into the place you want to add a new block to. The selection will be marked right after dragging.

Getting Started with theme generator for WordPress

When get your qoob plugin installed and activated, you may start with creating the first page of your website.
Please follow the instruction below:

  1. Create Page All pages ->Add New
  2. Click on «qoob» box. Go ahead with creating your page.
  3. In order to see all blocks together you need to choose the group.
  4. Add a required block and use thumbnails (previews) of blocks for preferred viewing.

Actions with blocks

1. Adding new blocks on the page

If you want to add a new block to your page you have to choose the group, click on the preview block or try dragging/dropping in work area.

2. Editing block content

To edit content use block settings in the work area right after clicking on the required block in the preview area. All the changes will be proceeded immediately, refreshing the page is not needed.

3. Remove block from the page

In order to remove the block choose it in the preview area and find the “delete” button at the bottom of the work area, click on it. Bingo!

4. Move block

Use the preview area for choosing the block, then use “move up/down” button just on the bottom of the work area.

Follow this link for more details: respective section.

Responsive Template Creator

Drag & drop builder makes your website pages adapted for modern gadgets. This option enhances the opportunity for people to observe your product using any device. Besides, proper adjustments with your pages can be made not only via tablet, but via your mobile phone.

Download Page Builder

Qoob Page Builder – a perfect starter, special theme generator, user-friendly for WordPress platform. You are offered for FREE use the greatest number of specific tools and features.

Go for it, download and get your pleasure with working on it!

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